While there are many, these 5 benefits should increase the understanding of the advantages and necessity of website blogging:

• Trust – Site visitors are eager to learn reliable details and facts regarding a product or service. If your blogs have believable and appealing content, then your blog builds trust. The chances are good that site visitors will return to your website for more education and this trust building starts to increase the potential for winning customers. All of this is good for your brand.

• Traffic – Blogs are an organic way to bring more eyeballs to your site. If your blog has appealing content with topical search keywords, it will rank with Google and, in return, drive more traffic to your site. As a side note, interesting and multiple blogs will keep the attention of site visitors, which reduces bounce rate.

• Active SEO – The algorithm for Google SEO (search engine optimization) is complex and ever-changing. While it is hard to pin-point what works exactly, content or other images give SEO traction to move up the Google page in a keyword search. Part of the algorithm checks for website activity. If no content or changes are made to a website, then the SEO impact is null or even negative. A routine posting of a blog will assure your website with an active status. Additionally, the more content that is original, the better the SEO traction.

• Double-play – A blog can serve other functions for your digital marketing and branding influence. The URL for your blog can be copied and placed in a number of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This social media play casts a larger net on who can see your blog, who will visit your website and who will start to connect with your brand.

• Potency – Your blog will remain in the worldwide net unless you take it down; therefore, your blog is evergreen (so to speak). The better your blog, the longer it will stay as an organic draw to your website. That continues to enhance trust and it continually builds your brand.

All these blogging attributes and more build a solid reputation for your online brand identity. Blogging doesn’t have to be scary. Sometimes, a nice blog can be just 250 words of your expert thinking. The Google algorithm seems to like blogs that are 600 and 1,600 words. It is good if you have writing skills; however, it is great if you have Easy Insurance PRO…we’ll do the blogging for you.

Your Easy Insurance PRO LeadSite comes with a weekly done-for-you blog that can be used in many ways. There is a good, better & best approach for EIP blogs. Good – EIP provides informational and strategic blogs which allows site visitors to learn and, at the same time, signals to Google that the website is active. So, if you take no action with your EIP blog, it is still good. Better – Edit your provided blog to include some custom content to highlight your brand. Use the EIP Blogger Pro app tool to customize your blog to your location, your purpose or your personality. Only a few edits to your blog can convince Google that your blog is original content with worthy of SEO traction. Best – Push your blog to your social platform followers using your EIP Social Share app tool. Your custom edited blog reduces your site bounce rate with keeping the attention longer of your site visitors; however, posting your blog increases your blog reach to all your platform followers and EIP has the reach tools to make blogs your social media skeleton key!

Please check out some of our EIP blogs developed for you…