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The “For”, “In” and “On” Pertaining to Site SEO

The pursuit of search engine optimization is a noble cause for the increased search engine hits and overall website authority. Everyone understands that part of the complex SEO process. There are a number of artful variables that interact differently with the assumed science behind the tactics of increasing SEO. These variables range from where the site owner lives to the amount of unique content contained within the site. SEO is explained in many ways… sometimes in ways just to make confusion that the vendors can appear as heroic. SEO can be simplified into 3 categories for a basic understanding.

Most website providers offer the first and second categories in differing forms of speech. Additionally, most website providers end their SEO pitch here. Nothing else, just search and technical tactics that will only get partial SEO traction. Again, the variables get in the way and often stunts SEO progress. This is where Easy Insurance PRO is different. Because we not only focus on the “for” and “in” categories of SEO, but also the “on”.

The visual below highlights these tools and we would be happy to discuss the “On” of SEO as well as the “For” and the “In” of SEO.

#1: “For” your site SEO

These tactics involve keywords and other search criteria.

#2: “In” your site SEO

These tactics are behind the scenes in a site using meta tags on images and connecting links to other relevant page sources.

#3: “On” your site SEO

These are tools your website provider should build into your website, but usually do not. EIP has a strong focus to help our customers build organic SEO with tools that amplify content, echo social media posts and drive your brand to be noticed.

We Believe Relationships Fuel the Insurance Industry

That’s why it’s our mission to connect the right person to the right agent at the right time.


SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly LeadSite templates that are easily customizable with testimonials, and landing pages.


Blogger Pro and Instafarm



Blog-to-social and SEO-optimized text designed to transform your website into a content engine that promotes your brand.


Social Share and Brag Wall



Customizable contact forms that can go on any page and integrate with conversion-generating Squeeze landing pages.


Squeeze and Lead Lock



Integrated CRM to collect and streamline processes as well as automate client interactions through texting response and capture..


Leads CRM and Texty


We are your all-in-one digital marketing partner.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paired with our value tools, we offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solutions designed to help you duild brand awareness, business trust and lead consistency. Focus on Facebook PPC for prospects with existing interest and/or in your current sphere of influence. Focus on Google to key-word gather new prospects through bypassing the SEO art process.

Third-Party & Outside Links Capabilities

  • Do you offer portal access to another set of resources?
  • Do you have login pages for bill pay and other transactions?
  • Do you have a quote engine or other forms for customer information exchange?

Easy Insurance PRO has a solution for the above and more. Existing designs, landing pages and customized solutions are all available for insurance agents who require outside link capabilities. EIP even has a form builder app for agents who wish to create their own set of forms or other forms of information collection. The EIP outside link service is a simple and secure way to connect with your prospective and existing customers for transactions, quotes and much more. You can manage your site visitors’ experience through maintaining your branding on these outside link capabilities or emphasizing the national carrier’s link. Leave it to EIP and we will take it from there!