You studied hard to pass your state licensing exam, and you finally have your insurance license in hand. Now what? Entering the world of insurance is exciting but can be nerve-wracking as well, especially if you are not sure what to expect. 

While learning the business is essential, nothing can compare to hands-on training and the valuable lessons you get from doing the job. Read on for all the things you should consider as you embark on your new career as a new insurance agent.

Find a Mentor

When thinking about things to consider as a new insurance agent, finding a mentor is one of the first. Having a mentor is an excellent asset to your career as it can help you gain confidence in your role, network with other professionals in your industry, and grow your professional skill set. 

They do not necessarily need to be someone you work with, either. For example, if you join a professional network, such as the local chapter of your independent agent association, they may have mentorship programs available. 

Never Stop Learning

Along with establishing a mentorship, you should commit to continuing to learn as much as you can when looking for things to consider as a new insurance agent. You may have thought the learning stopped with obtaining your license, but it actually is just beginning! 

The insurance industry is constantly changing, and it is good to stay on top of the new trends. It not only shows your clients that you are up to date on what is happening in your field, but it can help you earn those continuing education credits you need to renew your license. 

Many agencies are using outdated systems based on either resistance to change or lack of knowledge on what different technologies can do for their business. Making recommendations on technology that can improve efficiencies, especially if you are the expert on utilizing it, will make you an asset to the organization. In addition, as a newer agent, you may be able to help your agency modernize with technology. 

Build Relationships

Insurance is a relationship business, and it is essential to hone your relationship-building skills. While building relationships with your clients or prospective customers is essential, it is just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why building relationships ranks high on our list of things to consider as a new insurance agent.

The underwriters, marketing reps, claims, and customer service specialists at the insurance carriers you represent are all examples of individuals you will routinely interact with. Having a good relationship with them will ultimately lead you to be more successful in your role, as they are more likely to help when you run into issues or have a question. 

Also, do not forget about your fellow agents. If you join a networking group, you will be able to meet lots of other professionals in your field. Not only can you potentially find a mentor, but you may be able to establish relationships with other agents to whom you can refer your customers for different lines of business and vice versa.

Get Used to ‘No’

Unfortunately, like any sales job, you will hear the word “no” more than you would like. But do not let it deter or discourage you. Reframing the “no” into a “not yet” will help keep up your confidence. 

Rather than writing someone off entirely if they decline your services, ask if it is ok to follow up with them within a year or so. Situations can change, and they may be more receptive to your insurance a year from now. 

Continue to focus on building trusting relationships, and the business will follow. And do not forget that every “no” gets you one step closer to your “yes!”

Final Thoughts

Being an insurance agent may come with challenges, but generating new business leads does not have to be. Make your job easier with a digital marketing partner like Easy Insurance Pro. Their prospecting platforms for branding, lead generation, SEO, social media, and CRM capabilities give them the tools you need to succeed as a new insurance agent. 

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