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LeadSites Tools

Blogger PRO

Your Easy Insurance PRO LeadSite comes with a done-for-you one weekly blog that can be used in many ways. There is a good, better & best approach for EIP blogs. Good – EIP provides informational and strategic blogs which allows site visitors to learn and messages to Google that the website is active. So no action with your EIP blog is still good. Better – Edit your provided blog to include some custom content to highlight your brand. Use the Blogger Pro app tool to customize your blog to your location, your purpose or your personality. Only a few edits to your blog can convince Google that your blog is original content with worthy of SEO traction. Best – Push your blog to your social platform followers using your EIP Social Share app tool. Your custom edited blog reduces your site bounce rate with keeping the attention longer of your site visitors; however, posting your blog increases your blog reach to all your platform followers and EIP has the reach tools to make blogs your social media skeleton key!
  • Feed and Post Templates
  • Weekly Content
  • CTAs and SEO Smart

Product Pages

Product Pages are a perfect melding of SEO optimization with local authority building through featuring your products & services. The Product pages have multiple designs to customize your personality with the products and services in your agency portfolio. Pack your product pages with statistics, picture & content to help your prospects and cutomers understand buying decisions. Optimize your Product pages with our exclusive SEO score dial and the links & keyword tracker.
  • Feed and Post Templates
  • Weekly Blog Content
  • CTAs and SEO Smart

Lead Promotion Tools

Social Share

Easy Insurance PRO’s Social Share app is believed to be our biggest unknown opportunity. It is the digital bridge between your social posting and your LeadSite. The common theme with EIP is your ability to customize our design templates and our social share solution is no different. Autopost to social media, we’ll keep your queue full of interesting ideas or you can create your own. Determine the frequency of posting and viola…you are done. Most website users have to purchase another service to connect social media posting to their websites. With your LeadSite, the social share app is included!
  • Links to Your Profiles
  • 1-Click Share Widget
  • Automated Social Posting

Brag Wall

A strategic tool for growing your business is sourcing referrals from customers. In the online digital world, the concept of collecting and displaying testimonials is an effective source to boost your brand. It is long believed that your future customers will listen more to your present customers when evaluating you. EIP has a great tool for that and it’s called Brag Wall. Get your customers to give you a review and get your LeadSite full of reviews that fairly represent your service and your mission for your customers.
  • Collect Testimonials
  • Brag About Your Success
  • Customize the Look and Feel

Lead Capture Tools


A big focus for EIP is on Lead Generation and carries an exclusive name of “Squeeze” with a dominate advantage. Squeeze or landing pages are a powerful way to receive to your LeadSite, a visitor from a source outside your LeadSite. Your LeadSite has multiple optimized designs for all occasions whether you create a social post, run an ad or create a unique content event. These landing pages are the platform for your calls-to-action, your Lead Magnets and can measure the success of your external traffic-luring sources and it can be customized and launched in just 3 simple steps.
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Single Product Pages
  • High-Converting Templates


Sometimes you’re just too tired to build an easy Squeeze page. Or you’re in a hurry. But you still want to capture leads. LeadLock is your best friend. Simply add #lock to any page URL and woo-lah – you’re asking people for their contact info before they can view the page. Learn a few magic tricks (all detailed in the app) and this simple tool becomes a powerful lead capture play.
  • Instant Landing Page
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Custom Image Backgrounds

Lead Nurture Tools

Leads CRM

Easy Insurance PRO Leads CRM is integrated with your LeadSite to manage, nurture and communicate with prospects and leads. Your pipeline is filled and managed here.
  • All-In-One CRM
  • Shared Content Library
  • Deal Tracking


Easy Insurance PRO texty App Instantly send a message to all your new leads even when you’re not in the office. Start a conversation faster or schedule an appointment ASAP with texty…most importantly, never miss an opportunity with texty and it’s included in your LeadSite!
  • New Opt-Ins
  • Custom Messaging
  • Texty Codes

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Our Pay-Per-Click program is your difference maker. Build that pipeline for Lead Prospecting and, with this program’s strength, flexibility is key for you. Together with you, we determine keywords, target demographics and select timing in how you represent your advertisements to your prospects. Whether you target Facebook users who already have interest or you push your way to page 1 in a search with Google, the PPC program has consistent results with real organic and interested leads. The flexibility continues as our PPC program can be part of our product subscription or al a carte.

We are your all-in-one digital marketing partner.

Never-Ending Value

The above tools are included in your LeadSite just as these below tools are included as well. No other website provider offers this much value for such a low price with effective results. It is not just a website, it’s a LeadSite. We believe in that statement so much that we trademarked the concept: LeadSites! Please schedule some time with one of our Customer Success Managers to learn more about how these tools can work for you to build your brand, increase your Leads pipeline and grow your business.

Lead Prospecting & Capture Enhancements:

Smart Pop-Up

Easily create high converting “Pop-Ups” for more leads. Perfect for promoting unique offers and getting traffic to your Squeeze Pages.

Smart Slide-In

Target visitors on your LeadSite with a customizable “Slide-In” call to action while the user scrolls down your page. Great for scheduling phone calls.

Header Leads

A simple call-to-action at the top of your site easily drives traffic to your highest converting pages..

Brand Promotion Enhancements:

Showcase Gallery

With the Showcase Gallery app you can create image galleries and turn them into Call To Actions on you LeadSite!

Team App

Quickly add new team members in seconds and choose the perfect look for your Team Page here.

Find Me

Control the SEO settings available on LeadSites. Easily adjust your SEO formatting and generate sitemaps for your listings and other pages.

CRM Enhancements:


Build customized forms that integrate with your CRM.


Connect to your favorite CRM’s, Email Providers, and more with Paths. Easily segment and apply automations, then send them where you need them.