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The EIP Omni Marketing Approach

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of moving parts that need to work together in order to produce results. The EIP Omni Marketing approach is designed to outline, organize and manage these moving parts so you can turn a site visitor to a prospect, capture a lead from a prospect and ultimately convert the lead into a client.

With EIP, you have access to a customizable website, connected social media platforms, content/blog tools and digital pay-per-click advertisements that all seamlessly work together to transform the way you do business.

The beauty of our Omni Marketing approach is that EIP can do it for you, you can do it yourself or you can use a combination of both. Regardless of how it’s implemented, our time-tested approach will help you get more site visitors into the top of your sales funnel – increasing the chance to convert.

With EIP’s Omni Marketing, the power is now in your hands.

Why Choose EIP?

Make a Great First Impression

87% of consumers begin their buying searches online. And often times, websites are the first point of contact for these potential buyers. Your website is the embodiment of your online brand. It represents who you are, what you do and how you solve a buyer’s problems. Within moment of your subscription to EIP, you get full access to a customized website designed with you in mind.

EIP LeadSites helps you:
– Drive Website Visits
– Boost Products/Services
– Increase Buyer Engagement
– Capture High Value Leads

… all from the click of your mouse. When consumers are searching, you better be able to deliver. And with EIP LeadSites, you are always ready to impress!

Effectively Communicate Your Value and Differentiation

14% of consumers fully understand the complexity of private insurance products and services. Because insurance can have multiple products presented by multiple carriers, it’s essential to be able to communicate what specific services and products you have to offer. EIP LeadSites utilizes special niche pages in order to help your buyers perceive insurance as a commodity rather than a complexity.

EIP differentiates your products and services through:
– Blogs
– Digital Ads
– Social Media

… and other content distribution tools! With EIP, you build a credible online presence backed with expertise, enabling you to not only educate consumers – but turn them into customers.

Create a Seamless Experience for Your Buyers

61% of users are unlikely to return to a website if they had trouble accessing it or navigating it. This is because online consumers have learned to form opinions in just 5 seconds or less. Your website needs to be eye-catching, functional and, above all else, convertible. This is where the power of LeadSites and our EIP Value Tools come into play.

Stand out against your competitors with tools like:
– Leads CRM
– Social Share
– Squeeze
– Instafarm
– Bragwall

… and more! EIP ensures that your website is nothing short of effective, so you can spend less time managing your site and more time engaging with your buyers.

Support Leads Through Building Trust

70% of small business websites lack a Call-to-Action (CTA) or have ineffective CTAs. When consumers are confused on your intention, distaste builds – leading to increased bounce rates and decreased brand authority. The ability to implement smart and powerful Call-to-Actions is so often the difference between a website’s success and failure. And with EIP LeadSites, you are equipped with everything you need for your lead generation to succeed.

EIP prioritizes:
– Lead Capture
– Lead Conversion
– Lead Nurture

… through our proven Lead Generation Process Cycle! This cycle is designed to give you a website that’s not just for hoping, but for taking action and getting the job done one call-to-action at a time.