Many sales books and courses typically identify at least four basic personality types and teach you how to utilize this information to sell your product. This is because every personality type has a different way of communicating, whether conscious of it. Some may want all the details, whereas others just want the facts. You do not know what your client will prefer unless you can pinpoint their specific personality type and know how to speak to them. 

That is where we got you covered. Keep reading to learn how to communicate with different customers and increase your insurance lead generation. 

Personality Types

Each personality type has distinct characteristics and specific ways they prefer to communicate. There may be discrepancies in the names or descriptors, but almost all personalities can be broken into four different types. 

We will refer to the four types as the Direct, the Influencer, the Steady, and the Check-lister.

The Direct

You can usually identify the Direct personality type right away. Many may say that these personalities are almost always the easiest to spot. A Direct personality type is typically loud, outgoing, and opinionated. They do not care about the finer details; they just want the facts and the bottom line. 

The best way to speak to these individuals is to match their tone and energy. Do not over explain or belabor a point; just answer the question presented. Directs will also want the quickest response possible, so they are more likely to call rather than utilize any other communication channel. 

Likewise, calling them directly or speaking to them in person is the most efficient way to communicate with these types.

The Influencer 

The Influencer personality type is highly energetic and expressive. They are usually considered the life of the party. You can tell a client is an Influencer if they are highly sociable and like to talk. In fact, you may need to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand since Influencers can quickly get off track. 

The most effective way to communicate with these types is to relate to them as a person. They value relationships with other people, so it is essential to establish a good relationship right off the bat. Ask questions about their life, use their name in conversation, and you will build that personable rapport that Influencers prefer.

The Steady

As the name suggests, the Steady personality type prefers order and direction. They are typically more reserved and quiet than a Direct or Influencer type. But like the Influencer, they value connection with others. You just need to achieve this differently than you would an Influencer. 

Rather than directly asking them about their life, you need to listen to and remember what they tell you. For example, if they casually mention a child going off to college, somehow work that into the conversation. They will appreciate your listening and start to open up a bit more. 

Just beware that Steady types are reserved, and they will not let you know if they are unhappy. Be attentive to their body language and routinely clarify that they understand or are ok with what you discuss.

The Check-lister

The Check-lister is almost the complete opposite of a direct personality. Where directs are extroverted and loud, Check-listers are usually quiet and introverted. Directs do not care about the details, but Check-listers want to hear everyone. You will be able to identify these types by the questions they ask. 

They typically want to know everything they can before they decide, so be sure to schedule any meetings or calls with Check-listers during the day and not right before lunch or the end of the day. 

Also, do not expect them to make a decision right away. Follow up any conversations with an email outlining everything discussed and give them a few days to respond. And do not be surprised if they come back with even more questions!

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your prospect’s personality type, you will want to communicate with them through the channels that best suit their needs when considering insurance lead generation. That is where a digital marketing agency can help. Easy Insurance Pro makes it easy for your clients to reach out via all your digital channels such as the web, chat, text, and social media. 

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