As an insurance agent, there are a lot of things that are outside of your control. For example, the prices of the companies you write for, the availability of other agents in your area, and more importantly, whether your clients are willing to switch agencies for those two things. 

However, you can control the relationships with your clients so that they will not be lured away by the competition. Here are some common insurance agent expectations and how you can utilize this information to build stronger relationships effectively.

Do You Know Your Products?

Most consumers look to their insurance agents as the experts. You hold the insurance license and work with insurance policies every day. A prospective client is looking for a professional to guide them in the right direction of what they may need at a price they can afford. You do not always need to have the lowest price. 

Just showing that you are listening to what they need and being able to explain why the policy you are quoting is best for this situation can go a long way. If you cannot answer basic questions on coverage or policy language or know where to find the answer if you do not know, you can lose their trust very quickly. 

Do You Know Your Customer?

Another important factor on which prospective customers base their insurance agent decision is how well you know your customers. You can demonstrate this by taking the time to get to know your prospects. Many agencies utilize a new customer questionnaire to get a feel for their insurance needs. 

This can be done in seemingly unexpected ways by asking questions such as how many children live in the home and their ages. If you know a child is nearing their 16th birthday, for example, you may want to reach out to inquire about whether they are getting their driver’s license soon and if they are in need of a car insurance policy. Not only does this put you at an advantage for another potential policy, but it shows your customer that you are proactively thinking of their coverage needs.

In addition, customers will want to know what type of relationships you have with your other clients. If you have successfully built an agency by maintaining generally positive relationships with your clientele, this can go a long way in establishing trust. Highlighting positive reviews from customers is a great way to showcase this.

Are You There For Your Customers?

Customers also want to know that you have their back and are available for them when needed. For example, is your agency open in the evenings or on weekends? This might be important for a customer who cannot take time out of work or school. 

Another consideration is how responsive you are to missed calls or emails and if you offer alternative forms of communication such as chats or texts. You want to make sure you are interacting with your customers in a way that makes it very easy for them. Otherwise, they will find a competitor who can.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some insurance agent expectations, how can you begin to nurture these relationships? Having a valuable CRM tool is a great start. 

Utilizing a digital marketing platform like Easy Insurance Pro is the perfect way to manage social media, create and maintain your website content and integrate your CRM so you can focus on building the client relationships that matter. 

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