While insurance consumers can shop around at any time, they will typically look for other companies around certain events, like when they buy a new car or home. They might also shop at their policy renewal or if prompted by another large event, such as a claim. 

When you are meeting potential clients after they have suffered a loss, especially if it was significant, there are some ways you should interact with them. Not only to empathize but to build that relationship and hopefully close the deal. Here are some of our best tips on how to improve insurance prospect communication. 

Why Is Insurance Prospect Communication Important?

According to a survey done by KPMG in November of 2020, trust in the insurance industry is higher than it was previously. But inevitably, that trust will wane, and insurers and agents will need to work harder to gain consumers’ confidence. The best time to start is at the first moment of a prospect interaction. 

We know that insurance consumers are driven to shop for insurance after a major event. If the catalyst to shop is a recent loss, there are ways in which you should communicate, and tact is certainly key. 

How to Communicate With Potential Customers

You may think you know how to speak to customers or prospects, but when you are presented with a client who has just suffered a major loss, you may find yourself struggling for the right thing to say. First and foremost, empathy is critical. 

Whether they have just lost their home in a major fire or they are taking out a life insurance policy on a loved one after someone close to them has died, express your condolences. Something as simple as, “I am so sorry to hear that,” can go a long way. The key, however, is being sincere. Showing genuine concern for your clients will help build that relationship and make them want to continue doing business with you.

It is also important for clients to know that you are on their side. You are not the person standing in between them and a claim check. You and your client are working together in a partnership to get any future claims settled to their satisfaction. 

Be honest and transparent. If they are choosing coverage that will not cover the scenario they are concerned about, tell them upfront. Do not sell your clients on a policy that is not going to be in their complete best interest. And if that means you lose a sale this time, do not worry. 

People tend to remember when people are helpful and trustworthy. It may just get you an even bigger sale in the future.

What Tools Should I Use?

Any good agent knows that a robust CRM tool can be incredibly beneficial to running a successful business. Easy Insurance Pro is a SaaS digital marketing tool that can help agents store important information on their companies and customers to deliver differentiated service. What better way to build trust with your clients than to recall the last conversation you had with them? 

As a small business themselves, Easy Insurance Pro understands the importance of maintaining confidence in their product and maintaining relationships with their clients. Contact them today for a demo on how their services can help you and your agency!