The older you get, the more your car insurance decreases — until you get over the age of 65 when car insurance premiums start to increase for older drivers. Across all ages, women tend to pay less than men for auto insurance. 

As an insurance agent, you will be able to offer the best car insurance benefits for older clients during their middle ages when they are in their 50s and 60s as long as they maintain good driving records. 

The cost of car insurance is important for older drivers because many are living on fixed or reduced incomes. We have 7 effective tips to help you market to older drivers to get or retain their business. 

  1. Encourage older drivers to take a safe driving course. 

AARP and AAA offer safe driving classes for seniors, and some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who submit a certificate of completion. The completion of a safe driving course demonstrates to car insurance companies that older drivers are alert, can see well, and make good driving decisions. 

  1. Take advantage of bundling discounts.

Older adults may have a home insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy. Ask if you can quote other policies for both the car and home or renter’s insurance with the same company so they are getting all possible discounts. If they live with someone else, they may still qualify for a discount for having a boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, or RV. 

  1. Review their coverages and present their options.

It is considered a good practice to offer a free annual insurance review with your clients. This is the time to advise them about the minimum limits they need to protect themselves and which limits protect them even better. Cover all the insurance gaps but do not be afraid to suggest removing coverages that raise their premiums and give them little or no benefits. 

  1. Check rates with various deductibles. 

Everyone likes to have options. By giving older clients side-by-side comparisons of quotes with different deductibles, they will be able to choose the deductible combinations that give them the best value. The higher the deductible they can afford, the lower the premium will usually be, but that is not always the case. 

  1. Review how many miles they drive daily.  

Older drivers may no longer commute or they may have a part-time job close to home. Ask them how many miles they drive per week, year, or month, and help them find policies where they can get the best discounts for mileage. Some auto insurers offer a discount to seniors for driving fewer miles than drivers who have a long commute. Beware that some insurance companies actually have a higher rate for pleasure use cars, since those owners often have more time to drive their cars. 

  1. Ask seniors about safety devices on their cars. 

Be sure you are aware of all the safety features of an older person’s car. Car alarms, starter lock devices, and tracking software could prevent theft or a break-in. Most car insurance companies offer one or more discounts for cars that have safety features.

  1. Recommend a senior-friendly car insurance company.

Captive agents can make sure older drivers are getting a senior discount where carriers offer them. Independent insurance agents have access to multiple companies. Smaller, more specialized insurance carriers may have rates that favor older drivers.   

Final Thoughts

Explaining car insurance benefits to older clients can help build your book of business and bring in referrals. Be sure to give them your full attention and all the time they need when explaining coverages or offering quotes. Allow them enough time to make the best choices for themselves and let them know they can call you anytime they have questions or want to change anything on their car insurance policy.