While the primary function of your job as an agent is to bring new clients in, it is also crucial to foster your relationships with the clients you currently have. Doing so allows you to retain these individuals as customers, which can help boost your agency’s growth. Here are the top ways you can focus on keeping insurance clients long-term. 

Increase Contact

You may already be utilizing your agency’s digital marketing tools to interact with your clients proactively. If not, it is time you start. Social media, blogs, newsletters, and text messages are all modern ways to touch base with your clients throughout the year. The more you interact with your customers, the more trust and rapport you will build. Your clients will know you are within reach if they ever need you, and you will be at the top of their mind when they need additional policies or referrals. Just be sure you are bringing value with each interaction, and you are not bombarding them with spam. Content that is relevant to them or in their best interest will be received better than constant marketing materials.


A little known fact is that eighty percent of your overall business will come from twenty percent of your clientele. This is called the 80/20 rule, and is a perfect example of why you want to cross-sell additional policies to your clients. In addition, studies have shown that the more policies a customer has with one agency, the better the retention of that customer. This is where a robust CRM tool can be beneficial. You can build automated processes to capture cross-selling opportunities at each interaction. For example, if a customer is reaching out to you about an auto policy, prompt them with additional questions on whether they are a homeowner or have a family, so you can stress the benefits of bundling their home and life insurance. If there is no interest initially, set a reminder to continue to follow up at each renewal to potentially gain that business. You can also use this CRM to track relevant content to this individual so you can customize what information gets sent to them via newsletters or text messaging.

Develop an On-Boarding/Retention Process

It may sound fundamental, but developing a strong on-boarding and retention process amongst your team will help your growth tremendously. In other words, make it easy for your customers to sign up with you and not be let go so easily. This does not mean you make it difficult for your clients to switch agencies. Rather, be sure to attempt to retain their business. If your client is asking to cancel, ask why they are leaving, complete a coverage and discount review on their policies, and look for opportunities to cross-sell. However, if you are building relationships and trust throughout the entire customer lifecycle as recommended, you should have numerous opportunities to demonstrate your value and retain your clients long-term.

In Conclusion

Client retention should be top of mind when you are measuring the success of your agency. And the best way to retain your customers long-term is to continuously build trust and foster your relationship with them. A valuable tool to aid you in this objective is a digital marketing partner who specializes in your industry. Easy Insurance Pro was created with the insurance agent in mind, and can help with all your digital marketing needs such as SEO, online branding, lead generation and nurturing, and CRM. See how they can help your agency and contact them today for a demo.