Almost all companies need a website to promote their businesses. First, it fosters legitimacy by allowing customers to learn about your company and read reviews from other clients. Websites can also act as a lead generation tool by capturing the information of clients interested in learning about your services. Lastly, websites are one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase how you can help customers. Here are key elements you need to create a successful insurance agent website.

Create an Engaging Homepage

Think of your homepage as your storefront. This is the first page your customers and potential clients will see when they visit your website. An excellent homepage will include the following:

  • Description of Services- To gain customers, they need to know what you are selling! This is why you should ensure you are outlining what services you provide, with links to any corresponding pages for additional information.
  • Social Media Links- The goal is to get your customers to continue to engage with your company. Your homepage should include links to all your social media accounts so they can also follow your business there. If you do not have any social media accounts, you should create some as soon as possible. They are relatively easy to set up and are a great way to gain new followers and customers.
  • Video Introduction- One of the best ways to personalize your business is to introduce your website visitors to the owners and valuable employees of the company. Even a short video can go a long way in expressing your company’s vision and mission, as well as all the reasons why you are the best agency for them.
  • Subscription Form- A subscription form will allow your customers to provide their contact information to stay in touch with your company. The added benefit is you then have a potential lead to contact!
  • Additional Resources- Showcase your extensive insurance knowledge with links to blogs, articles, or other resources relevant to your customer base. Use mixed media to keep them interested and engaged!

Keep It Simple

Great insurance websites are simple and uncluttered. Most visitors will quickly scan each page for what they are looking for. While it may be tempting to include a lot of information, it is best to keep your site as simple as possible. If you want or need to have additional content, try to put it on a separate tab in the sidebar.

Contact Information

Every insurance agent’s website should include the company’s contact information and hours of operation. Do not frustrate the customer unnecessarily by making this information difficult to find. You want your clients to know you are available whenever they may need you, so create a dedicated section to include all the ways they can reach you and when.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Lastly, include a call to action on your website for your customers. A call to action will direct your clients to take some sort of next step. Some common examples of CTAs you may want to use are “subscribe to learn more” or “contact us to learn how to save money on your insurance.” 

Final Thoughts

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