The insurance industry offers many satisfying career opportunities, including working as an agent. Agents get the best of both worlds since they work closely with both customers and insurance companies. Being an insurance agent means helping people protect what matters most to them, so it is a rewarding job. 

Read on to learn our favorite tips for finding success as an insurance agent then contact us at Easy Insurance Pro for more information. 

Tips for Finding Success as an Insurance Agent 

Being a successful insurance agent requires lots of different skills. Try these ideas for finding success as a new agent: 

Learn as much as you can. 

As an insurance agent, you will be expected to be an expert. Your customers, colleagues, and carrier partners need you to be knowledgeable and up-to-date on the industry. Your insurance license also requires you to obtain a certain number of continuing education credits each year to keep your license active. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities offered by your agency and carrier partners. Consider studying for professional designations to further your education and skills. 

Find a mentor. 

Insurance is a people business, and you need to work together to be successful as an agent. Mentors are critically important to new insurance agents. They will teach you the ins and outs of your new role and give you tips they have learned over the years. This type of information is not available in textbooks; rather it is the type of legacy knowledge you will gain by listening and observing. Finding a mentor does not have to be challenging. Look to others in your agency, community, or professional organizations to find a mentor — and remember, you can have more than one mentor over your career to help you accomplish different goals. 

Develop your people skills. 

Communication is a significant part of your job as an insurance agent. You will need to work well with people and enjoy talking with potential customers and policyholders. Agents have to share tough news sometimes, so being empathetic and able to problem-solve during times of stress are helpful skills to have. New agents can improve their success rate in the industry by working on their communication — and listening — skills. 

Improve your sales and closing abilities. 

Insurance agents are salespeople. They have to know their products and services, share the benefits concisely, and sell or renew insurance policies. And selling insurance is a bit different from selling cars or mobile phones. When you sell insurance, you are selling the promise the insurance company will pay the customer if they have a loss. This type of sales requires different skills from the agent. Insurance agents have to develop and nurture leads, close sales, and renew policies so improving your sales and closing skills is a good way to ensure success. 

Focus on your routine. 

It is easy to get distracted when you work for yourself. There are many priorities pulling you in different directions. Develop a strong daily routine and stick to it. Try structuring time to work new leads, prospect, send emails, and communicate with policyholders. If you add an activity to your calendar, it is more likely to get done. Use your time wisely and focus on your routine to stay productive. 

Stay optimistic. 

The most successful insurance agents remain optimistic and excited to meet new people and help them protect their families and investments. People can sense your enthusiasm so focus on keeping a high energy level. Sales can be draining, but potential customers want to work with people who are happy about doing their jobs. Maintain a positive attitude even when the days are long, and you will find more success as an insurance agent. 

How Do I Learn More?

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