According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day in the United States; a trend that is expected to continue until the 2030s. The market for long term care insurance is increasing with the aging population we’ll guide you through the importance of Long Term Care Insurance for the Aging Population.

As an independent insurance agents you need to be prepared to make choices about how and to whom you market your products. No matter what type of insurance products you are selling, Easy Insurance PRO has value tools available to help you optimize your website to generate only the best leads. 

What is long term care insurance? 

Long term care insurance is a small market insurance product designed to help individuals pay for the costs associated with long term care. Long term care insurance only covers costs not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. 

Working with an independent insurance agent is typically the best choice for individuals looking for long term care insurance because it is a specialized product. Some may turn to their financial advisors for information about a policy, but this is a mistake as they are not experts in the insurance field. 

How independent insurance agents can reach an aging population

Like all of us, baby boomers love technology and they use smartphones and social media exponentially. As an Independent insurance agent you should design a long term care marketing strategy around this fact to make sure they are targeting the right market. 

It is important to sell long term care insurance as a planning tool like estate planning. Baby boomers know about nursing homes and their costs because more than likely one or both of their parents had to move into one. They also know the importance of having access to good care at the end of their lives. 

Independent insurance agents should use this information to market long term care insurance, using their website blog and other tools, as a way to plan for the future. 

Seniors in the United States are living longer

The elderly in the US are indeed living longer lives, but they aren’t necessarily living healthier lives. Improvements in education, economic status, and healthcare have all contributed to the increase in life expectancy. 

But, with the increase in average age comes an increase in instances of chronic and degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, this means an increase in the percentage of people needing some form of long term care. 

A comprehensive marketing approach to long term care insurance

To generate the most leads, independent insurance agents need to adopt a comprehensive marketing approach to selling long term care insurance to seniors. It is proven that the majority (87%) of consumers start their search for products online. 

Begin your comprehensive marketing approach with a leadsite that explains all the pros of long term care insurance and generates leads for your agency. Then adopt a marketing strategy for: 

  • Blogs and content
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more)
  • PPC Ads

The market for long term care insurance is increasing every day due to the aging population. It is important to target a larger segment of that market with a comprehensive approach to ensure you are reaching everyone who may be interested in doing business with your agency.

Final thoughts

As the aging population increases, so should your marketing efforts if you are an independent insurance agent. While long term care insurance is still a small market, it is getting larger as the population gets older. 

The key is finding the right website tools that work best for you. If you are an independent insurance agent interested in our platforms for branding, lead generation, social media, SEO, and CRM capabilities, contact us today to schedule a free demo!