Today, insurance agencies are adopting digital tools at an accelerated rate. Partly due to the effects of the pandemic and partly due to customer expectations, digital transformation of insurance processes is becoming the industry standard. 

Independent insurance agencies depend on trust and customer experience to drive growth. Digital transformation is an important aspect of both, as you will see in this article. 

Below, we will discuss the digital transformation of insurance processes and how insurance agents can use them to their advantage. 

What is the digital transformation of insurance processes? 

Digital transformation is a term that refers to the process of using digital technologies to modify or create new processes. Insurers have been adding digital transformation to their customer experience over the last decade, but the pandemic accelerated the necessity of using digital technologies for communication and sales. 

The insurance industry has been pressured to digitize for the past few years because customer expectations have changed. Today, the vast majority of customers expect a digital experience, which is why it is imperative insurers and insurance agents digitize their products and processes. 

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Why do insurance customers expect a digital experience?

In the age of smartphones and connectivity, customers expect a digital experience for everything they purchase, including insurance. Speed and instant gratification are what most customers demand, which means they want instant policy quotes, bill payments, and claim processing. 

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Benefits of digital transformation of insurance processes

There are many benefits of digital transformation of insurance for both insurers and agents. For instance, data analytics helps insurers better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and can help them identify new opportunities for growth. Agents benefit from digital connectivity with their clients, providing them with opportunities for better communication and improved customer engagement. 

Here are some additional benefits of the digital transformation of insurance processes: 

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Better decision making
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Improved marketing options 
  • Improved risk management

Digitization of insurance processes can not only increase customer satisfaction, it can also greatly reduce costs. A recent study found that “automation can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30%.” 

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How can insurance agents use digital transformation to their advantage?

Most clients in all niches from healthcare to insurance turn to online resources before ever making a buying decision. In addition to expecting a digital experience at your insurance agency, increasingly, customers expect your agency to have a digital presence. 

Digital marketing is becoming a must for independent insurance agents. Channels such as Google, Bing, and even social media platforms will influence the buying decisions of the majority of your customers in the coming years. This is why it is imperative insurance agencies adopt a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to be included in their digital transformation of insurance processes. Here are some reasons why: 

  • Cost-efficiency: Digital marketing is often less expensive than traditional advertising
  • Increased traffic: You can easily target a target market with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which will increase website traffic
  • High-quality Leads: By targeting a group of customers who are already interested in your products, you will generate high-quality leads for your insurance agency which will in turn increase your ROI

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Final thoughts about the digital transformation of insurance processes

While it is true that the insurance industry has been historically slow to adopt new processes, digital transformation has become necessary due to the pandemic and market expectations. The power of digital transformation of insurance processes is undeniable and insurance agents better take note. 

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