With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, remote work became common amongst most industries. Insurance sales were not left out of the mix. However, for many insurance agencies, the majority of their work is out and about anyhow, so there was not much difference other than the home base they reported to day-to-day. However, this required a paradigm switch, from a central office to a home office. When an insurance agent has a central office they work from, they have a team around them supporting each other. To help agents in the field, we want to guide you on how to succeed as a remote insurance agent. So when you are in the field, you do not lose that support system you have grown to depend on.

Remote Insurance Agent Success Tip #1: Treat every day like you are still going into the office. 

This is one of the most important tips. Go through your normal routine. Wake up at the same time, shower, eat breakfast—GET DRESSED! That is one of the most essential parts of this tip. Much of insurance sales can be spent on the phone. This does not give you the excuse to stay in your PJs or only be dressed from the waist up. When you treat each day as if you are going into an office, your mindset will stay in an office mindset, and you will continue to be successful.

Remote Insurance Agent Success Tip #2: Do not allow your goals to suffer. 

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of negative thinking. This means believing people do not want to take your call or visit because of the pandemic or economic downturn. Insurance is a necessity and always will be. If you do not believe that, how will you convince your potential clients? Aim for your targets and hit your goals. Remaining productive is key. A Mercer study showed 94% of employers saw increased productivity from remote employees. This proves you can still find success and work from home. Have goals and meet them regularly.

Remote Insurance Agent Success Tip #3: Continue to check in with the office. 

No man is an island. Even if you have the upper hand on tips one and two, keep in touch with home base. Do not lose your support system. Your colleagues can help you, and you can be of assistance to them. Perhaps your fellow agents may be struggling as a remote insurance agent. Your success can be an inspiration to them.

Remote Insurance Agent Success Tip #4: Ensure your website is up to date.

With more people staying home, double check your website to ensure your contact information is up to date. This can include phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses should you schedule a face-to-face meeting. You should also double check posted insurance policy or law updates to ensure everything is current. 

Final Word

Success is only as good as your support system. You need a team to ensure you will succeed as a remote insurance agent. Our team at Easy Insurance PRO assists independent agents like you in connecting with your clients. We do this by helping you capture leads and increasing engagement on your site. In today’s pandemic age, websites are far more important than they ever have been. They are now the primary point of initial contact between client and agent. Make that contact count.

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