Every insurance agent needs a system to keep track of their prospects and clients. A customer relationship management system, commonly known as a CRM, is a type of software to help you keep your leads, quotes, clients, and policies organized.

CRM software is a tool insurance agents spend much time using every day. 

We are providing some CRM suggestions for insurance agents to help you select the right program for now and in the future. 

The Value in CRM Software

Today, you will find a variety of SaaS (software as a solution) CRM solutions for insurance agents on the market. SaaS solutions are billed on a monthly subscription basis, so there is no long-term commitment if they do not work out. 

Being productive as an insurance agent requires setting up a personal schedule for marketing and sales tasks and juggling many activities at once. A good CRM solution automates much of the work for you, which allows you to reach more prospects and clients and get more done each day. With a CRM system, you never have to worry about missing an important follow-up.

The right CRM system will show you the status of your prospects and clients at a glance, and highlight the last conversation you had with them.

Features to Look for in CRM Software for Insurance Agents

The concept behind CRM software is to make things easier and more manageable for salespeople. 

What should you look for in CRM software for insurance agents? Think about the tasks you perform every day to generate leads, contact clients, handle claims, document quotes and applications, and track sales.

The following features are hallmarks of the best CRM solutions for insurance agents:

  • Provides access to an informative dashboard
  • Generates and tracks leads
  • Stores quotes and applications
  • Tracks claims
  • Enables invoicing
  • Automates workflows
  • Generates productivity reports
  • Tracks commissions
  • Charges reasonable fees

The best CRM solution will streamline all of these processes. Features that are specific to the insurance industry will make an enormous difference in your annual productivity. 

Four CRM suggestions for insurance agents

There are many CRM platforms available, and most of them cater specifically to the needs of insurance agents. The following CRM suggestions for agents are worth checking out:

  1. Applied Epic

Applied Epic is the CRM of choice for many insurance agents. This platform offers property and casualty benefits management, sales automation, and a commission calculator. Insurance agents can use the system to get quotes and issue policies online. The system also connects to the IVANS Exchange, which allows insurance agents to connect to insurance carrier platforms online. 

  1. Zoho

Today’s insurance customers expect omnichannel communication, and Zoho has this capability. This CRM has an AI-based insurance sales assistant which automates most of an insurance agent’s daily activities. Agents love the user-friendly interface and convenient mobile app. 

  1. Freshworks

Freshworks offers a platform designed specifically for insurance agents. Key features of this platform include lead scoring, automatic sales reports, event tracking, and an automated sales pipeline. Freshworks offers a “Free Forever” plan allowing insurance agencies to add an infinite number of users. 

  1. RiskRevu

Licensed insurance agents built this platform and designed it to conditionally capture important risk details. This program features risk evaluations, new policy forms, and service forms. Insurance agents benefit from being able to use their own forms and selecting which data gets prefilled. 

Final Thoughts

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