Insurance brokers and agents need to spend most of their hours selling, and independent insurance business outsourcing can free up many hours in the day to focus on sales. 

With the phone ringing all day and paperwork to process, it can be hard to carve out time for nurturing leads and selling. A day in an insurance agent’s life is even more challenging when situations that need immediate attention arise. 

The following six independent insurance business outsourcing ideas will give insurance agents and brokers a few more hours to make sales.

Data Entry and Forms Processing

Insurance regulations require heavy amounts of data and paperwork. A data entry specialist makes light work of entering data that can otherwise bog an agent or broker down. 

Consider the sheer number of application forms, certificates of insurance, claims forms, health insurance forms, and payroll forms insurance agents and brokers process every day. A person dedicated to this task quickly becomes an expert at saving agents and brokers hours in the process.

Commissions Management

There is little uniformity in managing commissions making it a time-consuming task. Different policies have different commission structures, meaning each policy has to be considered on its own merit. 

An independent insurance business outsourcing organization has trained employees who can handle this task quickly and expertly. This kind of help means that commissions can be processed faster, and agents can get paid sooner.

Customer Support

Calls from customers flood in daily with questions about billing, policy changes, and claims. Call center agencies are usually available around the clock to answer common customer questions. 

Technology can also help alleviate some of the routine needs that customers have. Functions like chat, automated emails, and voice services can answer customers’ questions and set the wheels in motion to handle their requests without disrupting an insurance agent’s selling time.

Claims Management

Independent insurance business outsourcing agencies have qualified people who can expertly verify coverage, answer questions from customers, and keep the claims process rolling along. If questions arise about conditions or exclusions, claims experts can drill down the policy wording to determine what is or is not covered.

Lead Generation

By implementing the tips suggested here, agents and brokers will find they have many more hours in the day for making sales. Before getting to the point of selling, agents, and brokers need leads to work with.
Not every lead will convert to a sale. Agents and brokers with low conversion rates can get frustrated and lose motivation. By outsourcing the task of lead generation, agents and brokers can focus more intently on qualified leads that are more likely to convert. A stream of successful conversions increases a salesperson’s motivation and, subsequently, their paycheck.

Website Creation and Social Media Management

The right website design can serve as a lead generator, and an attractive, functional website is a must-have for modern insurance agents and brokers. Nonetheless, many brokers and agents lack the skill and expertise to create an engaging website. 

Moreover, virtually every social media user is a potential insurance client. A social media manager produces engaging content to channel leads to a broker or agent’s inbox. 

Final Thoughts

There are many moving pieces in running an insurance agency. From the back-end office practices to answering customer service calls and handling claims, independent insurance business outsourcing alleviates disruptions, so insurance agents and brokers can increase revenue for the agency, serve customers better, and earn more commissions. If you are interested in creating a website that takes the work out of selling insurance policies, consider outsourcing this task to Easy Insurance Pro. Contact us at (800) 327-6623 or visit us online or schedule a demo today!